Welcome to the Internet face of Nordic Model USA, an organization dedicated to bringing to the United States those qualities which make the most-successful nations in the world.

The Nordic nations all have different policies which together follow a certain pattern, known as the Nordic Model.  Torben M. Andersen describes the Nordic Model in books such as The Nordic Model and Reform Capacity and Macroeconomic Performance in the Nordic Nations.  These nations all follow a socioeconomic system known as Social Democracy, a mixed-market system of capitalism with government services filling in where the private market can’t, won’t, or simply cannot achieve efficiency.

Nordic Model USA distinguishes itself by its specific identity with Nordic Model Social Democracy, as well as by its dedication to Social Democracy.  Whereas Social Democracy USA and the Democratic Socialists of America specifically seek a transition to a Socialist future, Nordic Model USA believes in Social Democracy as an end goal.  We believe in government services and a market of privately-owned corporations, partnerships, B-Corporations, 501(c) non-profit organizations, worker and consumer cooperatives, and all other forms of well-regulated business organized by the will of their founders and sustained by the will of their customers or donors.

It is our goal to make the United States the most-successful nation in the world, economically, socially, and politically.